• It is logical to learn from your own my mistakes but not learning from others mistakes would be foolishness.

  • For most people, hiring security services, installing security devices or hiring security personnel is a luxury even today.

  • But for people who have been through situations, which could have been avoided with a simple process in place, Security is as vital as food, clothing and shelter.

  • Security services are as old as the human civilization. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, even before civilization security was part of the survival. As society changed its need, size and lifestyle, security systems also changed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the society.

  • Today, it’s not only the people who need better safety but also hard-earned material wealth, which demands security. Moreover, in a technology-driven world, it is essential to have access to cutting-edge solutions for every imaginable threat and possible crime.

  • The Great India Security Services (TGISS) is the company formed with one simple mission of ‘Security and Services to all’.

  • In this brochure, we want to welcome you to our world of security and safety.

  • Kindly go through our products and services and give us an opportunity to provide you with the best of what we have, customized to your needs.